Turning a Suspicious Audience into Eager Adopters

AutoGravity is a FinTech pioneer with a brilliant product: an app that enables car buyers to secure auto financing directly through their smartphone. Getting the car buyers excited was easy. But convincing the dealerships that they weren’t being cut out of the process – that was tricky. So AutoGravity came to us for a marketing video that could effectively thread the needle. 

Crafting the right message. 

Right from the beginning, we knew that the only way to truly appreciate this product was to see it in action. But we also knew there was a deep well of emotion underlying the product, as well. After all, just think of all the time you’ve given or received a greeting card in your life. They’re usually around important moments, and they leave a lasting impact. We wanted to tap into that emotional well, while making sure to keep the product front and center.

“We wanted to show the elegance of the actual app, so we re-created the app’s interface and designed some slick motion graphics to simulate the user experience – all in a way that fit seamlessly with the action on screen.”

Yann Lhomme, Director, Thinkmojo

Winning hearts with a little humor 

No matter how solid the message is, the delivery has to be perfect if you want people to pay attention. So we wrote a script that dramatized the typical pet peeves of auto dealers in a way that we knew would make them laugh (which our test audience confirmed). We felt confident that if we could get them smiling, they’d be open to the true message – that AutoGravity can really help them.  

“We’re going to use this video as our primary asset for B2B marketing, and have already seen a great response. Video marketing produces much stronger results for us than other forms of advertising, and it’s great to have a partner like Thinkmojo to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward. “

Serge Vartanov, CMO, Autogavity

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© 2017 Thinkmojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Thinkmojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved.